The lifebuoy to drowning agency owners who want to scale beyond $50,000/month profitably without all the anxiety, fire-fighting, and stress.

Disclaimer: Read our Manifesto if you haven’t because our ARF Accelerator Program is completely based on the 5-Step RocketOS Formula. Get a better understanding of how our RocketOS Formula works before you have a look at our program.

Have a look at the chart above. Where are you now?

If you’re at the “Stability” level where you’re hitting a monthly revenue of $20,000-$30,000 but are feeling super drained and overworked, we can help you with your business.

Or if you’re at the “Safety” level where your business is doing fine with some occasional ups-and-downs and you make a good $10,000-$15,000 on average, then our program is ideal for you too.

By the end of the ARF Accelerator program, you’ll be able to quickly identify your ideal clients, automate the most time-consuming and repetitive parts of your business, track important KPI metrics and ensure that you have the necessary SOPs in place so you can hand over the fulfillment aspect to your team.

This way, you will no longer be bogged down by the work that you don’t particularly enjoy but are necessary in your business. 

While you might think that automation is complex and hard… this isn’t the case at all.

You don’t have to get everything perfect the first time.

And if you think that it’s okay to not automate and streamline your operations…  (Since most gurus are only preaching about sales and marketing)

You’re right. It is okay.

The only issue is… you will be stuck as the Chief EVERYTHING Officer where you will have to fire-fight everything that comes up while you’re all over the place with no structure or order. 

That means you cannot take a break or a vacation from your business because it will crumble without you in charge.

We’ve seen this happen before. Some businesses who scaled up to $40,000-$50,000/month had to come back down because of a lack of systems.

If you’re in this spot right now… we totally understand how you feel.

It sucks because you can’t even take a breather to look at the big picture. You feel like you’re busy most of the day but you’re not making progress towards your goals.

And this is why we are here to help.

Whenever you’re ready… just apply for a Free Systems Audit with us.

What Others Are Saying

Zack Siegel, Agency Owner

“I came to them a couple months back, I was so burnt out, just totally the operator, the salesman, the everything in my agency.

 And it was just like a big headache, a big bottleneck, when I would bring on a new client, or even with like, it was affecting my sales calls.

 So they really helped me get that on to paper, and get that organized and just build it out in a way that was so simple, so that you know a team could effectively and easily do so.”

Graydon & Jordan Ursel, Agency Owner

“Before ARF we were like chickens kind of running around with their heads cut off. We were just stressed out all the time. 

 We were making money and getting good results for clients but it wasn’t really a fun experience running the business…

 ….you can read a book with the theories but in actually putting it into action, your guys’ system was so helpful with that… Not only am I getting a problem solved, I’m learning how to solve the problem myself in the future, that alone is what really makes the program worthwhile.”

About The Program

This program is for agency owners with small teams (or are running solo) and is 100% online and remote
For you to get the most out of the ARF Accelerator Program, you must:

Be willing to start taking small steps towards automating and creating processes. For example, shooting a video of you doing a particular task where we can deconstruct and see if it could be done more effectively.

Forget about sales and marketing (for a brief moment), and instead focus on optimizing your fulfillment processes.

Accept and be ready for some chaos and disorder at the start because we will be looking at your processes and tearing them apart so that they can grow back stronger and more streamlined.

Prepare to invest at least two hours per day for the duration of the program, consuming our training and working on joint action items with our team . We’ll be here working together with you and we expect you to be equally invested as we are.

Be practical too. Change will not happen instantly as you know Rome wasn’t built in a day. The ARF Accelerator Program is proven to work as it has helped hundreds of agencies scale to over $50,000-$100,000 months. Have faith and believe in the process.

What You Get

The ARF Accelerator is a 90-day remote program where we will work with you to automate, document, and streamline your business so you can do away with all the time-consuming, repetitive tasks and start hiring the right talent to replace you.

The program starts with a Systems Audit Questionnaire and a Time Audit where we’ll uncover the kinks in your fulfillment processes. Here you can discover the boring, manual, and repetitive tasks that are stealing time away from you.

Once the Audit is done, we’ll walk you through our 5-step Proprietary Rocket OS formula and create a customized roadmap for your business designed to eliminate all your “Time-Waster” tasks with Automation, Documentation, and Delegation.

We’ll embark on a 90-Day done-for-you or done-with-you engagement where you’ll work alongside our team of Systems Engineers and Agency Growth Experts to start implementing the RocketOS roadmap and build your assets (Automations, Dashboards, Project Management and SOPs) so you don’t have to do-it-yourself.

We’ll conduct weekly 30 Minute 1-On-1 Progress Calls to keep both of our teams on track and make incremental steps towards improving and streamlining your business processes. These calls will allow us to hold your hand and ensure that you take consistent, incremental action.

You’ll get lifetime access to a growing online course library of videos, templates, and SOPs designed to help you get your systems automated and processes documented so you can finally work ON the business instead of IN the business.

You’ll get unlimited Q&A and Support in a private Slack Channel. Only members of the ARF Accelerator have access to this exclusive community where the entire ARF team will be there to help.

Is It Right For You?

ARF Accelerator is perfect for you if:

You are doing above $10,000 a month in revenue but are drowning in endless amounts of client work.

You are a Chief EVERYTHING Officer where you have to manage the sales, marketing, fulfillment, client management, and project management. And because of this, you are working 80-100 hour weeks.

You’re trying to build a team to replace yourself but you seem to end up always hiring the wrong people (and only to fire them in the end).

You’re caught in the dilemma of producing amazing results for your clients (fulfillment) and attracting more clients (acquisition).

You feel like you’re always “busy” but you’re not making any progress towards your goals. Sometimes, you don’t even have the time to take a step back and look at the big picture because you’re always caught up with fire-fighting.

You’re unable to go on a vacation or spend more time with your family because your business will literally self-destruct if you’re away.

ARF Accelerator is NOT for you if:

You would like Automation and SOPs created BUT you’re not willing to put in the work.

Your agency is struggling to get consistent sales for the last few months. Ideally, we want to work with clients who aren’t worried about sales and marketing because this gives them the mental capacity to focus on the work we’ll be doing together.

You feel that optimizing and streamlining your fulfillment processes are a “Good-To-Have”... and not a MUST-HAVE. We want clients who are 100% invested so this is important. You have to be ready for this step.

You’re not willing to try new things and change the way you’re doing things currently (this is self-explanatory… we’re trying to remove you from the business so you can work ON it. But if you do have micro-managing tendencies, then you might not get the best out of our program) .


We’ll ideally like the program to be faster and shorter… BUT having a 6-8 week program will mean that we will have to rush through our RocketOS formula and there’s very little room for hiccups.

Some of your weeks might be more busy than the others hence we’ve designed this program where you will never have to create your SOPs in long stretches. Instead, all you need to do is to block off 8-10 hours of your week for Systems Creation work.

If you can’t afford at least 8-10 hours a week for Automation and Systems Creation,
then this program is probably not for you.

We have clients already doing $150,000 to $200,000 before working with us. Most of them have their systems already 80% there, but need that extra push and a fresh perspective to get to 100%. We can help you by figuring out where the system bloats are in your business and maximize the overall efficiency of your team.

We’ll either work on a done-for-you engagement or we’ll help you place a highly skilled Operations Manager (integrator/internal champion) to help you run the business.

While we will give you access to our best systems and templates, simply copying is not the most effective way to scale. Different businesses have different intricacies. A content marketing business will have very different systems and processes from a Facebook Ads Lead Gen agency.

So we don’t exactly recommend our clients to copy-and-paste systems unless they understand the mechanics behind it.

In the worst-case scenario, blindly copying-and-pasting SOPs can actually result in you doing more work (for the same level of output).

Because if you don’t scrutinize the individual tasks in the process—
chances are, some of them are actually REDUNDANT.

Good question.

We like to work with agencies which do custom, bespoke work. Usually for businesses who specialize in highly customized services, they encounter more inefficiencies and bottlenecks (especially if they do not use any systems for their fulfillment).

Such agencies commonly work with different clients who want different things which creates more chaos for you because you now have to consider the different needs of each client which makes fulfillment even harder to do.

Just like how most children don’t like to eat veggies when they are young… vegetables usually save their lives when they are older (it protects them from rectum cancer, heart disease, and stroke).

And most people understand the importance of eating veggies when they are older.

The thing is… Systems are exactly like veggies.

It might not be delicious to everyone the first time you try it… BUT it will be a LIFESAVER at some point.

You might not see the importance of it when your business is still growing,  but when your business is older (and bigger)… you’ll see that it’s the only thingthat keeps everything in your agency business running smoothly (while protecting your sanity).

Moral of the story?

If you treat your business as a priority like your health, then create some systems to ensure scaling becomes easier down the road.


There will be a pitch at the end (only if you’re a good fit)… BUT rest assured, everything we do is open and transparent.

As for the Free Systems Audit, we’ll work together on identifying your business goals, challenges, and status quo so as to determine our Launch Plan to get to where you want to go.

Fact is… we won’t do any convincing or persuasion in the call because your business is what it is.

If you’re stuck in the Death Valley of your business (that spot… where you’re fighting a million tasks at work every day and you’re starting to hate your business because you don’t feel that it’s growing)…

Then you can feel it. We shouldn’t have to convince you otherwise.

It’s a simple no brainer decision.

In the call, we’ll talk about the things holding you back in your business, your “Zone-Of-Genius,” and how you can get started immediately automating the things you don’t want to do.