The 5-Step RocketOS Formula: A Proven, Repeatable Process That Helps Digital Agencies Scale beyond $50,000/month.

How Drowning Agency Owners Finally Found Freedom With The 5-Step RocketOS Formula (HINT: Previously, they were all stuck working 70-100 hours a week).

By Reinart and Franbeau

Find out how a hidden group of Agency Owners are scaling their business to over $50,000-$100,000/month while eliminating 80% of the “Fire-Fighting” work.

The 5-Step RocketOS Formula is our proprietary scaling process that helps small business owners like you automate and streamline the “Time-Wasting Tasks” in your business.

The issue with most service-based businesses is… while many of them can grow quickly, it gets incrementally harder with each step beyond the $15,000-$30,000 mark. 

With each new client you take on, your work increases exponentially because you find yourself doing everything – from the sales and marketing to the fulfillment and customer service. And if you’re wondering why you’re constantly having to work 80-100 hour work weeks… then our formula is the answer.

The idea behind the RocketOS Formula method is simple: We help agency owners identify the boring, time-consuming work which is necessary (but doesn’t grow the business)… and we help them automate, delegate, and eliminate these tasks so they get back more time. With freedom and more head-space, they can finally focus on tasks which move the needle.

If you’re stuck in this Death Valley of your Agency Business, we’re here to help.

You’ll know it if you’re trapped. No matter how hard you struggle, you can’t break out.

We’ll strip your business down to its bare bones… so we know what are the boring, manual, and repetitive parts which are stealing time away from you.

Once you do this, you will get much more clarity on what to automate, delegate, or outsource—tasks you don’t want to do.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to:

Document the daily tasks you’re currently performing in your business. By doing this, you know what kind of work you don’t enjoy doing and will want to automate (this saves you dozens of hours of having to create written SOPs for your tasks).

Understand WHY it’s so important to be crystal clear with who your ideal client is and what your service is (this is critical if your clients are all expecting different things from you).

Create the right manuals and SOPs and streamline certain tasks that are boring but necessary in your business so you can start automating and delegating immediately. You'll build a better machine with the right processes and manuals and save a ton of time too.

Keep track of your clients, KPIs, and team from a high level-overview so you can find and deal with problems BEFORE they even arise. With these dashboards, you'll no longer constantly need to hop-in to put out those fires.

Our 5-Step RocketOS Formula

Now, this method will be golden if you’re feeling burnt out, overworked, and stuck in your agency.

Each step exists to give you greater clarity on what kind of systems you can build (these systems build on each other so do not skip steps).

Reinart and I have worked with all sorts of digital agencies over the last 2 years—from agencies charging $1,000/month per client with 20-30 clients… and agencies that charge $100,000 per client. Different businesses need different systems and processes depending on which stage they are at.

Based on our cumulative experience of working with hundreds of agencies, we’ve developed our 5-Step RocketOS Formula which has a solid track record of scaling Agency Businesses to over $50,000-$100,000 revenue a month.

It’s a tested-and-proven proprietary method we’ve discovered from building our multi 6-figure eCommerce Facebook Advertising agency from scratch.

Both Reinart and I have worked with a few clients with over $1,000,000 ad spend over the last 4 years. And while building our agency, we’ve gone through a lot.

From trying out various systems and templates which messed up our workflow to hiring the wrong team member…and only to fire them later.

Our RocketOS Formula is the fruit of both of our experiences. And we’re really glad that it has helped over a hundred clients scale their own business.

This method works across different agencies, regardless if you’re doing SEO/Facebook ads or Content Marketing.

It will give you a roadmap to scrutinize the “Time-Wasting” tasks in your business.

Now let’s look at each of the Five Steps:

The First Step: The Systems Audit

Now, I know you might want to build automated systems or hire right away to reduce your workload.

There’s a time for that.

For now, the first thing is to get your foundation up to scratch.

And getting any of the sexy stuff done without having a strong foundation will create more trouble for you later. Trust us… we’ve been through this.

This is why most people hit a plateau in their business where they find themselves doing a lot of work, but getting very little results in return.

Not because your service isn’t good or special… but without any systems in place, the entire business depends on YOU to run. Hence, your hands will be caught up in the “weeds” of your business and you will find yourself extremely busy but hardly productive.

If this totally sounds like what you’re going through… then don’t worry.

At Agency Rocket Fuel, we help you build your automated rocket (your business). So you can launch it into space (and achieve FREEDOM)!

 Firstly, let’s get everything in your head to paper and figure out exactly where 80% of your time goes into your business.

Overwhelm often comes from a lack of clarity

And this is why we start with our Systems Audit Questionnaire and Time Audit.

Because if we know the kinks in your systems and where you waste most of your time, we can help you much better.

Secondly, we’ll help you restructure your business by helping you identify your ideal clients and crafting a signature offer which solves one main, high-value problem.

This way, you won’t fall into the trap where you’re always scrambling to do

different things for your clients.

Majority of our clients have this misconception of “Doing More” means better since their clients get more value out of it. But this is UNTRUE! It’s much easier to sell something simple with only 4-5 steps than it is to sell a complicated solution with 15 steps.

Complex offers screw you up because they take up too much time and aren’t scalable.

By the end of this step, you should have gotten an in-depth audit of your current systems to identify potential issues and problems.

And you should have better clarity of what service you’re offering to attract the right kind of client.

The Second Step: Mission Control Buildout

Before you automate anything, it’s crucial to be clear with  your core set of activities for fulfillment. We call this Mission Control which involves Enrollment, Onboarding, and Project Management.

Mission Control is important because it helps you plan for good alignment and launch with your clients.

This, in turn, creates a more smooth-sailing working relationship with them.

While this may sound like a lot of things for  you… we can assure you that it’s actually pretty simple.

Imagine just filling out a form for 3 minutes… and all your Google Drive Folders, Onboarding Documents, Slack Channels are set up. Your client receives all the instructions they need to get started (you don’t even have to do a single thing).

If you have a team, that’s even better because tasks will be set up and delegated to your team members.

They get full clarity on what to do and when to do it without you having to get involved at all. This is an ABSOLUTE DREAM for folks who’re stuck in their business and want to get out.

Mission Control is the secret infrastructure we help our 7-figure clients build so they can save up to a dozen hours a week (that’s at least 50 hours a month!).

This way, you will never be stuck in your business.

Look. You probably feel stuck because you can never get a break, even when you NEED IT—especially during family occasions like dinners and gatherings on Friday evenings).

Your new clients go to YOU immediately whenever they have any problems or questions—which annoys the hell out of you because it’s taking up a lot of your time from the pressing issues in your business.

 To make things worse… you’re doing the same thing for each client you close—the same Onboarding calls and Project Management Calls which take up a good 2-3 hours per client.

This is why some of our clients have been spending 8-10 hours/week just on Onboarding alone when they engaged us to help them.

In this step, you’ll learn how to automate your client onboarding and build your Project Management System.

With this, you can maintain a high-level overview of your different projects at hand.

You no longer have to hustling non-stop to manage different clients and projects at the same time.

You no longer have to spend long hours doing the client onboarding yourself. This alone has SAVED our clients AT LEAST 5 hours/week.

You no longer have to worry about what happens next whenever you close a sale since the new clients will just have to fill in a short form and the ball is in their court.

When you’re getting your rocket ready for launch, the last thing you’d want is your rocket to catch fire. You wouldn’t want to be the firefighter in the GIF below:

Remember, the best way for a Firefighter to fight fires is PREVENTION.

This means stopping the fire before it even comes up.

 We do this with proper Onboarding and Project Management systems.

Once we’re done helping you save time from your onboarding and project management… we can start optimizing your fulfillment. This will help you save even more time in your business.

The Third Step: The Business Manifesto

If you want to build a strong and failure-proof business… you will need to have a “Manifesto” in place.

Every successful business in the WORLD has some form of a Playbook where they document all their necessary business processes. By learning from the greats, this is our go-to-approach for getting things done.

In this step, we’ll be building your Business Manifesto together.

With this, you can start hiring and your new team members can start following the SOPs you created. This way you can finally remove yourself from your business—and take the 1-week vacation you always wanted without worrying about any problems.

All you need to do is to shoot a video of yourself performing the various day-to-day tasks in your sales, marketing, and fulfillment tasks. Hand it to us from there.

We’ll take these videos and turn them into Smart Standard Operating Procedures (Smart SOPs).

Without these SOPs, your team members will come to you for decisions and they will not be able to think for themselves.

Or WORSEyou might also find yourself losing clients because the team members you hired are unable to deliver without your supervision.

We’ll start by outlining EVERYTHING you do in your business from A to Z.

With these SOPs, we'll build the necessary automations to handle the manual, repetitive tasks you don’t want to do.

Then we’ll organize everything so they’re easy-to-find for your team.

Again, the reason why Multinational Corporations like Toyota, GE, and Macdonald’s are so successful is because of their drop-dead simple business processes.

It’s so “idiot-proof” that a 16-year-old kid can come in and execute tasks immediately. They can just follow the SOP instructions and they won’t go wrong.

For an agency business, you need to have clear and simple SOP manuals if you want to scale.

Without this, your team will always be looking to you for directions and decision making(which is something we’re sure you don’t want).

The Fourth Step: The Founder Multiplication Framework

Have you ever encountered a scenario where you’ve hired someonebut you had to fire them because they weren’t really the right fit for your company?

Or scenarios when you feel frustrated because your team members are always coming to you for small decisions? Which ROBS valuable time away from you… making you work even harder.

Our point is simple.

Most business owners see hiring as a quick-fix solution when they’re tired and overworked.

What they often miss out is this:

When it comes to launching a rocket, Hiring is just like getting a team of pilots in your cockpit… So you’re able to take on a Managing Role Rather Than an Engineering Role.

Hiring is no easy task. Especially for the right pilots, it is a methodical process and you should be crystal clear on the kind of people you’d like to hire. DISCLAIMER: One wrong hire is ENOUGH to potentially sabotage your launch.

If not… this will only create more issues for your rocket.

Hiring, when done the wrong way, creates a whole list of problems. It’s not only us who have been through this process but a ton of our clients too.

DO NOT EVER make this mistake of thinking…

I need to hire quickly because I’m really burnt out and overworked”.

Because you might end up firing whoever you hired (or outsourced to) because they aren’t a good fit for the job you hired for.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to spend even more time fixing the broken pieces.

Our point is:

“Yes. Hiring can create even more work for you if you’re not ready—even though it’s supposed to reduce your workload.”

After working with over hundreds of agencies, we’ve seen this playing out too often.

Fortunately, we’ve paid the price… so you don’t have to.

And so, we’ve created our proprietary Founder Multiplication Framework which will be the North Star in helping you hire.

Here, the first thing we’ll help you out with is to find out your “Zone of Genius”. We do this because our goal is to build a team around the work you don’t particularly enjoy but is necessary in the business.

Next, we’ll work with you on creating an empowering company culture which is aligned with your company brand. This will create the necessary criteria which will help us determine the kind of talents you want from our Hiring Funnel(the Hiring Funnel is one of the talent acquisition systems we’ve developed and refined).

With your Manifesto and Systems in place, we’ll have far greater clarity on who to hire. You can expect to find people not only of the right culture-fit… but also people who are good at and passionate about what they do.

This way, you will NEVER find yourself hiring someone and then regretting it weeks or months later after the engagement.

The Fifth Step: The Agency Systems Radar

Now you have an effortless Onboarding Systems, Smart SOPs, and a ready-to-go team to run fulfillment.

The last puzzle piece we have is… TRACKING.

 Tracking is so important because as best-selling Author and consultant Peter Drucker says:

As a Founder of your very own Rocket Ship, the last thing you’ll want is to have multiple urgent problems cropping up when you’re launching your rocket (this is what creates a lot of stress for most Agency Owners).

The best way for you to deal with these problems is to… SOLVE THEM BEFORE THEY EVEN ARISE. 

Prevention is far better than looking for a cure after all.

That’s why in the final step, we’ll work with you to develop your Agency Systems Radar. This is where you can track and manage your clients, KPIs, and team from a high-level overview.

With this, you will never be running all over the place again.

Instead of being the engineer or technician of your Rocket, you’re the person in the control seat. And you’re looking at the dashboard of the different systems from a big-picture perspective.

By moving your time spent from the “Doing” and “Managing” to the “Tracking” You’ll eventually be able to free up a significant amount of your time and achieve freedom.

Once this happens, you can carry on working in your “Zone of Genius” or work on other interesting side-projects.

Final Thoughts:

By now, this should be quite a lot of information for you to digest. We totally get it.

Our proprietary RocketOS Formula took more than 4 years to refine and it has helped hundreds of agency owners achieve freedom. We hope you got some solid value out of it.

We’ll encourage you to start small. You don’t have to get everything automated in a single day. Begin by finding out the tasks you dislike and would like to delegate and then start from there. And if you haven’t already done it, document everything you do.

Whatever it is—Sales, Marketing, Fulfillment, Client Management, Project Management; just record it! This helps you keep track of where your attention and time is spent in your business so you know what are the bottlenecks.

Please do not read this and not do anything after that.

We wrote this Manifesto because we’re rather alarmed at the number of agency owners who are completely stuck in their rocket business. And what they aren’t realizing is that their rocket is zig-zagging out of control. We believe this wasn’t what you wanted when you first built your agency.

If you’d like our team to have a look at your current systems and processes, let’s have a chat.

Signing Off,

Franbeau & Reinart
Managing Partners of Agency Rocket Fuel