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Agency Rocket Fuel
Targeted & Uncomplicated Facebook Ads with Julian Canita

Julian Canita is known as one of the top Facebook ads strategists in the Philippines

Over the last 6 years, he’s taught over 300 businesses and 2,000 students to grow their businesses using Facebook ads

He’s taught people of all industries, all across the globe

And despite the ongoing pandemic, he’s supported numerous 7-8 figure launches

He believes that each person has a specific message to share to the world, 

And that by using Facebook ads, that message can be heard by those that need to hear it

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How to uncomplicate Facebook ads

– Effective content based ad copywriting

– Ninja targeting hacks

I know that Facebook ads can seem like such a confusing and complicated place,

But with the right information and a knowledgeable guide,

It can be easy to reach your target audience

And more importantly, start making those sales