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Agency Rocket Fuel
FB ads, Funnels, & Frameworks with Jason How!

We have Jason How, founder and managing director of Agency J, with us today!

Agency J helps course creators and coaches grow their businesses through FB/IG media buys, ad creatives, copywriting, emails, and funnel page design and development. 

And with over 9 years of experience under his belt, he and his team have generated $20M+ for their clients.

If you’ve been in the space at all, then you’ll know that a lot of business owners first objections is that they’ve been burned by bad courses and coaches in the past,

Jason wants to put an end to that. 

This is why he only partners with clients who already have a proven track record, that is capable of really succeeding and making a difference in the space. 

On the show we’ll talk:

– Media buying and the importance of the data analysis framework

– The math, strategy, and operations science behind scaling FB ads

– Differentiating your business through your funnel, and how to make it as frictionless, non-salesy as possible