Keeping Track of Client Results At Scale Without Opening Ads Manager

In this training, you’ll learn exactly how we manage a roster of about 20 clients, ensuring each one is on track towards hitting their target KPIs.

Through this system, I personally don’t have to spend hours jumping into each account to see how the campaigns are doing.

All I do is spend 5 minutes to open up an email with a PDF of this sheet each day, and know which accounts I need to pay attention to or bring up to the team for the day.

Here’s how I want YOU to use this video. 

Open your favorite note-taking app (or a pen and paper) and outline this system on a high-level strategically so you can then apply it tactically in your agency.

If you want specific help with this, click here to discover how others agency owners have benefited from learning how our systems can be customized to their agency’s exact needs. Happy to share how you can customize this KPI Tracking system for your agency over a quick call.

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