Welcome to the ARF Accelerator!

Tell us where to send your Welcome Package!

We’re super excited to kick things off with you. In fact, we’d like to send you a Welcome Package to celebrate this investment you’ve made into yourself and in your business. đź’Ş

Tell us where to send it to you below:

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Access to Slack.

We’ll be doing most of our communication on action items on the Progress Tracker, but if you have anything you’d like to ask us that isn’t related to an action item or isn’t a support request (or if you just wanna have a chat with any of us on the team!) – this is where it’ll be.

Here’s a video explaining how to execute on this right after you get your welcome email.

Access to the ARF Accelerator Kit

As part of your experience in the ARF Accelerator, you’ll receive access to the ARF Accelerator Kit. 

It’s a training course jam-packed with actionable content to help you make the most out of your time in the Accelerator.

As with everything in this Program, we don’t want to overwhelm you in information — we want to keep the needle moving. That’s why we have the Progress Tracker that you got access to earlier.

This is how this program is different from anything you’ll ever be in — we actually customize the experience (and even the course/content!) to your needs.

The Launch Pad will have training on most of the assets that we put into place into your systems. From our Google Drive structure to the Asana structure we import into your agency — you’ll get walkthroughs of how they work so you know how to use them once we finish working together.

Yep — that means you get lifetime access (including all updates!) to the Accelerator Kit — even after you graduate from the Accelerator. 

Here’s a video explaining how to execute on this right after you get your welcome email.

Book Your Liftoff Call

Remember, your Unique Client ID is in your Slack Channel. You will need that to book this Liftoff Call.

We’ve set the calendar to have a 2 business day delay from the day you’re trying to book.

After booking in your time, in between today and whichever day you book your Liftoff Call, watch the Getting Started module on the ARF Launch Pad. 

Watch out for the training specifically on How to Use the Asana Progress Tracker.

Watch the video, and hop onto your Progress Tracker and try to complete your first Action Items before the LIftoff Call.

Excited to speak to you soon and kick this program off with you! 🚀