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Tell me -- does this sound familiar?

“My agency stopped growing… and I was the bottleneck.”

You don’t need more courses on ‘how to close more deals’ because right before the outbreak happened, you were already neck-deep in fulfillment and couldn’t take in more clients.

You have a VA or two, or maybe even a full-time team member, but you were still constantly jumping in and taking over their work.

You were overwhelmed to the point that you’re actually a bit relieved that this down time has given you a little R&R away from all the craziness in your agency. 

But looking at the sprawling files in your Google Drive…the 23 unread messages on Slack…the 394 emails….

…what kind of unhealthy anxiety is creeping up even if you don’t have as much work anymore?

If this is you, then the Blueprint Session will get you the CLARITY you’ve been looking for.

“For the FIRST time ever, i don’t have to completely stress out, start doing a million things, building campaigns, talking to the client, doing the on-boarding — all automated and delegated to the team”

– Evan Shapiro, Agency Owner

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