Case Studies

Evan Finally Took a 7-Day HOLIDAY - FREEING him from his business.

Evan Shapiro

Founder of MedSpa Advertising

“Fran and Reinart will not only help take you to the next level… they will help you get your TIME and SANITY back while growing! With them, I can FINALLY GET A VACATION!”


Evan was earning $30,000 to $40,000/month in revenue for his digital marketing agency when he hit a wall. He was drowning in work every single day. While things seem to be going pretty well on the outside, it’s not the same on the inside, he was always going into reactive mode and was totally burnt out fighting fires. Evan has a family with 2 young kids and his business was always taking away precious bonding time. 

How We Helped

We worked with Evan over multiple engagements to automate and streamline his processes. And things were drastically different after a few months— his Onboarding is completely automated and delegated.

We also helped Evan with building Zaps and SOP Creation so he can bid goodbye to his stressful days where he had to worry about a million things – building and optimizing campaigns, talking to the client, doing the on-boarding, and dealing with tech issues.


For starters, we automated, documented, and streamlined a bunch of his processes and systems so he could happily delegate manual work off to his team if he doesn’t want to do it.

Because of the automation and process optimization, Evan can finally take a 7-Day VACATION with Peace of Mind and not worry about everything crashing down when he gets back.

After getting freed from all the fire-fighting… Evan can finally focus on tasks that move the business forward. He no longer has to stay up late to manage clients or optimize campaigns.

Evan is now able to spend more time with his family, pick his kids up from school, and even take a week off his business when he wants to.

"You guys have absolutely provided the MOST TANGIBLE VALUE to our company out of anybody I’ve ever worked with."

Gill Valerio

Founder of Elevate Marketing Leads

“We went from not only cutting down our fulfilment time dramatically but building out all the systems and all the operations that we need to run our business.

 We thought it was going to take 9 months and we did it in 10 weeks.”


Gill’s agency started to break once he reached the 20 client mark. His sales system was great, but when it came to managing everything else, not so much. 

At 20 clients his onboarding and fulfillment processes were still being done manually, which was taking way too much time. He was constantly jumping in for his team and started to feel the burnout. 

But what really pained him the most was that he had to put a cap on their sales because they just couldn’t handle any more clients. 

How We Helped

We worked with Gill to streamline and automate their processes, from enrollment, to onboarding, to getting campaigns live on Facebook, and everything in between.

This drastically cut down time spent on their processes. Something that took them anywhere from 1-3 days to do, now only takes them 15 to 20 minutes maximum.

After streamlining, we worked on finding Gill an operations manager. He initially thought that he’d have to hire someone at $8,000-$10,000 a month.

We broke his belief and found him a capable and confident hire from the Philippines at a fraction of the price.



By helping Gill streamline both his frontend and backend systems,
he no longer has to constantly jump in to do everything for everyone.

He now has a talented operations manager that he pays a fraction of the price for, who delivers the same results, if not better, than if he had hired at $8-10k.

He’s also at a position where he can sell his agency if he wants to because it can now easily be handed over to somebody else.

Most importantly…he can now take on as many clients as he wants WITHOUT the fear of having his systems break.

"I can't imagine what this business would be looking like right now if we did not work with ARF to create this organization, to create all these kinds of processes."

Dave Pancham

Founder of Pancham Consulting

“I know there’s different programs out there that give you SOPs and all this kinda stuff, but this is a true Done For You service.

Definitely was one of the best decisions that we’ve made as a company and I can’t speak more highly of them especially within the agency space”


Dave was running an agency of about 50 to 70 clients when he became the massive bottleneck in the business. Although he had a team to help him out, he was still heavily involved in client management. 

He would do all the onboarding, run operations, and constantly check up on his team because he felt as though most of the processes were still in his head. He found himself working 80 hours a week and struggling across the board. 

How We Helped

We worked with Dave over multiple months. First thing we did was transform the onboarding process that was in his head into an actual process that can be delegated to his team members. Next, we added automations that allowed them to have better reporting, communication, and more free time overall.

Lastly, we helped place an operations manager that could take his place in the day-to-day work. The operations manager was well versed in the processes and automations we created, so it was like having an Agency Rocket Fuel team member become a part of their business.

As Dave puts it, we “created a method to the madness”, and were able to organize their business so that they can effectively and efficiently communicate what needs to get done between both the team and their clients.


Because we were able to automate and streamline most of their processes, Pancham Consulting now sits at about 130 clients. Their team is also continuously growing thanks in part to the hiring process that we introduced. They’ve been able to move forward, make room for scale, and get rid of bottlenecks within the business.

Dave now feels like his business can run without him being constantly all over it. He still jumps in from time to time, but mostly just to check in on how his team is doing.



Zack Siegel

Founder of Think Bullish

“ I’ve gone to a number of courses trying to figure this stuff about automation and systemization. Although I had some decent understanding, it wasn’t going to get me there quick enough. Plus, I didn’t want to waste the time figuring it out on my own. ”


Zack was so burnt out in his business a few months back before hiring us. He was the operator, the salesman, the everything in his agency (he didn’t have a team back then when he was working with us).

Although his income was hovering at a 6-figure/year (which is pretty good for a solopreneur), he couldn’t sustain it and felt as if the wheels were coming off.

It was biting Zack so badly because this bottleneck is holding him back whenever he gets on a sales call or a new client.

How We Helped

From Day 1, we worked on automating his onboarding processes. Once that was done, we helped him with SOP creation and documentation systems so Zack could delegate work to his team more efficiently.

This instantly helped him save a couple of hours per week because his hands are no longer tied with onboarding and client management.

Next, we helped Zack with hiring so he could get the right people on board his team.

People who are dedicated, passionate, and willing to put in the work.

The hiring funnel we had in place was crucial to help him onboard his first few team members.

After hiring, Zack felt like a huge burden was lifted off his shoulders because there is finally someone capable to help him with the fulfillment. And he can now close clients with peace of mind knowing that his work will not increase exponentially with every sale.


With improved automation, processes, and systems, Zack was finally able to SCALE his business since he was no longer doing everything (and hence, have time to work on his business).

He could finally take on more clients and the headache he once had whenever he had a sales call was totally gone.

Because of his new team doing the execution of the different business processes, Zack was not only able to work less… but he is now able to produce better results for his clients as well—which leads to better client retention.

“ Before ARF, we were like chickens kind of running around with their heads cut off. We were just stressed out all the time. ”

Jordan and Graydon Ursel

Founders of Forever Booked

“ The Biggest Mindset shift you guys gave me was this:

” If I find myself putting in the hours just to get something done… I don’t feel right. “

Today, I work on creating stuff that has LONGEVITY. Something that works for itself such as Team Building, Systems and Strategy.”


Jordan and Graydon were drowning in their agency a while back (at one point, the 2-man team had to take on 18 clients). Both of them were burnt out and felt stressed whenever they closed a client.

Each client they bring on introduces more chaos, disorder, and weeds into their business. With no system or process in place, the only thing they could do is to WORK HARDER… but there’s really a limit to how much they can grind.

How We Helped

We first worked with both of them on their onboarding processes since this was a big time-drainer (which could be automated).

Next, we worked with them intensively to create their documentation (which saved their life).

All they needed to do to create documentation for a certain process was just to shoot a LOOM video showing the exact steps they took to execute.

And our team was just around the corner to help them create the SOP.

We also worked with both of them on creating Zaps so they wouldn’t have to go around Googling whenever they had Zapier issues.


By helping Graydon and Jordan with their Onboarding Processes, they can finally afford to rest with peace of mind that their new client knows what to expect after they enroll. And they don’t have to do anything troublesome — scheduling an Onboarding call on a Saturday? None of that.

In terms of time savings from Onboarding: They save a good 1-2 hours per client they enroll.

The best part is… automating the entire process makes it such that the ball is in their clients’ court and they can finally afford the time to work on the projects they enjoy doing.

More Testimonials From Agency Owners Who Are Now FREE To Enjoy Their Business

Brian Moncada, Agency Owner

“Thanks to the help of their SOPs and them actually hiring our new operations manager who has been phenomenal for our business and has really allowed us to dial in the systems, procedures and processes of exactly who does what, when and how and really configure the automations that are going to allow us to onboard clients faster and more efficiently to be able to never worry about who does what, when and how and if it’s getting done on time for our clients to see results.  

Now we’ve hired three team members from their Newton Program which has been truly phenomenal.

It’s just been a truly amazing experience and I’m extremely grateful. If you’re thinking about working with them, I would say do it. A hundred percent by far has been one of the best coaching programs that I’ve been a part of and they truly care about your business and your agency.

Daniel Barrett, Agency Owner

“Even though we were growing and we were having great success and team’s working well together, our systems were a mess. They were like a rat’s nest of these built up layers of automations and SOPs and spreadsheets and something’s over here and something’s over there. We had tasks system, we were just all over the place and it was impossible to fix because anytime I would change something it would affect three other things and we didn’t know how anything was connected. No one could see the big picture. 

Because we worked with ARF, I knew exactly what needed to happen, every single task would be where it needed to be when it needed to be there. It was easy to communicate back and forth between team members. Everyone was clear on what our purpose was and what the objective was of every project.

Hiring Agency Rocket Fuel was one of the single best decisions I’ve ever made in the lifetime of our agency. “

Cameron Christensen, Agency Owner

“Working with the Agency Rocket Fuel team has changed my life and my business. If I were to try and implement what they did for my business, it would probably take me years and I probably wouldn’t get it all right.

If I had to put a number on how much time and energy they saved me even up to this day, it would be 70%. And this was considering I worked with them a year ago. Their program will pay for FOREVER.

Most of my onboarding process is automated, and my VAs do everything else. How I keep track of client KPIs and progress is more efficient than ever. My project management software is customized to me, and a lot of it is automated.

Looking back, I would’ve paid double what I paid to work with them.”

Brad Ferris, Agency Owner

“Before signing up with Agency Rocket Fuel we actually had been struggling through a number of operational challenges

My goal from joining ARF was essentially to get a number of KPI dashboards, waterfalls, improve almost all of our automation throughout the agency, help with onboarding clients, offboarding them, onboarding new hires, offboarding staff and really get a key leader inside the organization that we’ve been lacking for a period of time. 

Having those tools at my disposal, whether at my computer and desk here, whether I’m travelling and having access to it remotely has been a massive gain for our agency.

If you’re looking to take the leap into ARF all I can say to you is just do it. “

William Fontaine, Agency Owner

“It has been a game changing opportunity for us, we are 2 months in the program and it already changed our business. 

So if you’re looking for someone that can really help you automate and delegate everything inside your business, all the technical side and also the decision making, and become a real decision maker, this is the right fit for you. 

Also if you want to scale, and you wanna achieve big results, big numbers, you need to get into that program because they really help you systematize everything inside the business and get your time back. By systematizing everything with the ARF program, I’m working less and just focusing on the right things, putting the right people in the right place.”

Bradley Martin, Agency Owner

We went with the option where Agency Rocket Fuel places an operations manager in our company to be a long-term employee. The person they placed in our company, she’s very competent, very skilled in the operations department, but I think more importantly, she’s someone who fit right in with our company and the culture

I’m happy to say that everything is running like a well-oiled machine, and in the future, if anything goes wrong, we have someone on our team that is able to step in and fix it. I can attest to the fact that they deliver what they promise and I think that you’ll be beyond happy with the results.

Julian Burca, Chief Marketing Officer

“These guys literally took the entire infrastructure of our business and rebuilt it, custom code, and had it work beautifully inside of ClickUp which I’ve never seen anybody actually do before and pull it off, and they were able to do it for us. 

It is absolutely nuts what they’ve been able to put together. They really centralized everything and gave us control back of our agency and give us clarity again.

What you’re gonna get from them, for whatever price that they give you, is gonna be 3-4x in the value of what you’re gonna be getting for that price.”

Zack Herman, Agency Owner

“I hired them when I was a fraction of the size that I am now, it was right when Covid hit. I had no systems in place, I was doing everything myself, and you know instead of sitting around and worrying about everyone cancelling, I hired them and they implemented onboarding, they helped with hiring.

They literally have done everything for my business, made it scalable like crazy. They created SOPs, the craziest automations I could ever think of, and just totally transformed my business. I owe almost everything to these guys.”

Sam Reidy, Agency Owner

“I went through their Accelerator program and I have to say it is probably the best program I’ve ever been through. 

This is an entirely interactive program where they pretty much set up the entire backend of your business so you can run a completely automated, structured, built out business. 

They set up SOPs, procedures, a business manifesto, hiring funnel, onboarding process, all of the Zaps you could ever want and need. They got you covered.”

Jordan Ursel, Agency Owner

“Before we signed on with them, we were really struggling to find a qualified candidate, someone who’s a Rockstar and can really fulfill the role and go above and beyond. 

The candidates that we got from them were all super qualified, the entire process was incredibly smooth and easy, and at the end of the day we got a candidate who has just really helped our business go to the next level. We really don’t think we would have been able to find her if we didn’t have ARF helping us.

It’s totally worth the money, it’s gonna pay back dividends in the future, and they’re just a great team and a great group of people.”

Ashlyn Leyba, Agency Owner

“Before I started working with them, my business was all over the place. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing that day and more importantly i didn’t know what my team was doing.

It’s amazing how quickly we got systems underway. My team knows exactly what they’re doing every day. I know how to monitor progress on every project we’re doing.

Even my [client] on-boarding process went from several hours to a few minutes because of what they automated.

The best part is that they’re really adaptable to what’s going on, any business struggle. If you want to scale your business, these guys are the best in the business.”

Zach Carrington, Agency Owner

“After working with them they dropped in some incredible systems. I went from working 14 hour days to about 5-6 hours of high-level productivity… to now literally 4.

What happened is we built out these awesome SOPs, we got these systems in place, a ton of automation and now I have a team that does a lot of that work for me. So I get to work ON the business, as opposed to IN the business. “

Matthew Manguinao, Agency Owner

“They’ve helped me constructively put together the blueprint that allows me to onboard clients successfully as well as build and increase my retention rates with my clients.”

Forrest Adsit, Agency Owner

“You guys completely changed my sales process and finding new clients . . . you guys have an amazing system. You guys provided me with too much value!

Bao Le, Agency Owner

“It feels good to have an established way forward into scaling my business because I was super lost before talking to Franbeau and Reinart.”