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Evan Shapiro, Agency Owner

“Just a couple months in things are drastically different. The ENTIRE on-boarding process is pretty much automated and delegated.

One of the great things about them is that there’s a done-for-you component as well. They’re much better at building zaps and SOPs than I am — that piece of it has been huge for me.

For the FIRST time ever, i don’t have to completely stress out, start doing a million things, building campaigns, talking to the client, doing the on-boarding — all automated and delegated to the team…

If you’re serious about building a real business that can run without out, god forbid you can take a week off, have freedom to pick your kids up from school, and not stress out or not stay up til 2 in the morning optimizing campaigns, dealing with fires — then its absolute no brainer.

Zack Siegel, Agency Owner

“I came to them a couple months back, I was so burnt out, just totally the operator, the salesman, the everything in my agency.

And it was just like a big headache, a big bottleneck, when I would bring on a new client, or even with like, it was affecting my sales calls.

So they really helped me get that on to paper, and get that organized and just build it out in a way that was so simple, so that you know a team could effectively and easily do so.”

Zack Herman, Agency Owner

“I hired them when I was a fraction of the size that I am now, it was right when Covid hit. I had no systems in place, I was doing everything myself, and you know instead of sitting around and worrying about everyone cancelling, I hired them and they implemented onboarding, they helped with hiring.

They literally have done everything for my business, made it scalable like crazy. They created SOPs, the craziest automations I could ever think of, and just totally transformed my business. I owe almost everything to these guys.”

Gill Valerio, Agency Owner

“When we hit about 20 clients, everything started to break a little bit. Fulfillment started to break. Everything was manual, the process took long. I quickly realized that we needed to put something together that was more streamlined. 

We went from not only cutting down our fulfilment time dramatically but building out all the systems and all the operations, the backend operations that we need to run our business where we thought it was going to take 9 months and we did it in 10 weeks.

My experience with you guys has been amazing. I feel like you guys have absolutely provided the most tangible value to our company out of anybody I’ve ever worked with and I appreciate it. “

William Fontaine, Agency Owner

“It has been a game changing opportunity for us, we are 2 months in the program and it already changed our business. 

If you’re looking for someone that can really help you automate and delegate everything inside your business, all the technical side and also the decision making, and become a real decision maker, this is the right fit for you. 

Also if you want to scale, and you wanna achieve big results, big numbers, you need to get into the program because they really help you systematize everything inside the business and get your time back. By systematizing everything with the ARF program, I’m working less and just focusing on the right things, putting the right people in the right place.”

Cameron Christensen, Agency Owner

“Working with the Agency Rocket Fuel team has changed my life and my business. If I were to try and implement what they did for my business, it would probably take me years and I probably wouldn’t get it all right.

If I had to put a number on how much time and energy they saved me even up to this day, it would be 70%. And this was considering I worked with them a year ago. Their program will pay for FOREVER.

Most of my onboarding process is automated, and my VAs do everything else. How I keep track of client KPIs and progress is more efficient than ever. My project management software is customized to me, and a lot of it is automated.

Looking back, I would’ve paid double what I paid to work with them.”

Sam Reidy, Agency Owner

“I went through their Accelerator program and I have to say it is probably the best program I’ve ever been through. 

This is an entirely interactive program where they pretty much set up the entire backend of your business so you can run a completely automated, structured, built out business. 

They set up SOPs, procedures, a business manifesto, hiring funnel, onboarding process, all of the Zaps you could ever want and need. They got you covered.”

Jordan Ursel, Agency Owner

“Before we signed on with them, we were really struggling to find a qualified candidate, someone who’s a Rockstar and can really fulfill the role and go above and beyond. 

The candidates that we got from them were all super qualified, the entire process was incredibly smooth and easy, and at the end of the day we got a candidate who has just really helped our business go to the next level. We really don’t think we would have been able to find her if we didn’t have ARF helping us.

It’s totally worth the money, it’s gonna pay back dividends in the future, and they’re just a great team and a great group of people.”

Zach Carrington, Agency Owner

“After working with them they dropped in some incredible systems. I went from working 14 hour days to about 5-6 hours of high-level productivity… to now literally 4.

What happened is we built out these awesome SOPs, we got these systems in place, a ton of automation and now I have a team that does a lot of that work for me. So I get to work ON the business, as opposed to IN the business. “

Ashlyn Leyba, Agency Owner

“Before I started working with them, my business was all over the place. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing that day and more importantly i didn’t know what my team was doing.

It’s amazing how quickly we got systems underway. My team knows exactly what they’re doing every day. I know how to monitor progress on every project we’re doing.

Even my [client] on-boarding process went from several hours to a few minutes because of what they automated.

The best part is that they’re really adaptable to what’s going on, any business struggle. If you want to scale your business, these guys are the best in the business.”

Jordan & Graydon Ursel, Agency Owners

“ The Biggest Mindset shift you guys gave me was this:

” If I find myself putting in the hours just to get something done… I don’t feel right. “

Today, I work on creating stuff that has LONGEVITY. Something that works for itself such as Team Building, Systems and Strategy.”

Matthew Manguinao, Agency Owner

“They’ve helped me constructively put together the blueprint that allows me to onboard clients successfully as well as build and increase my retention rates with my clients.”

Bao Le, Agency Owner

“It feels good to have an established way forward into scaling my business because I was super lost before talking to Franbeau and Reinart.”

Forrest Adsit, Agency Owner

“You guys completely changed my sales process and finding new clients . . . you guys have an amazing system. You guys provided me with too much value!

Does this only work for agencies with a proven offer that ALREADY sells and gets client results?

We’ve been in the agency space for 4 years. In the trenches, selling services in different industries while trying to scale up with systems.

We’ve seen first hand how expensive it can be to build systems around an offer/service that doesn’t get results, or doesn’t get clients in the first place.

That’s why in this Strategy Session, you won’t just get a blueprint with systems and procedures on your current offer.

Depending on where you’re at, we’ll help you craft a potent offer that’s:

  1. unique and positioned in a way that actually gets clients and pays the bills;
  2. systematized in a way that won’t keep you stuck in fulfillment hell;
  3. packaged at a price point that won’t make you go broke on your fulfillment costs.
We’ve done it with Ashlyn, we can do it with you. 🚀

Client Case Studies Achieved At Scale!

Any Agency Owner can get results, especially if you’re neck deep into your fulfillment. Here’s the kind of results we achieve without spending 80% of our time in fulfillment using our processes, systems, and team at scale.

Case Study #1

Scaling From $60,000 In Spend To $250,000 In 3 Months On More Profitable ROAS

In just 3 months, we went from generating ~$109,000 in revenue for our client to ~$546,000 in just 3 months. 

This was made possible by the systems we have in place that keep creating new copy + creative for our campaigns despite it doing well.

We have trackers in our agency that tells us how much copy + creatives have been created and launched by our team on an ongoing basis, so we keep our team accountable to scale without us jumping in the account consistently.

Case Study #2

40 Home Buyer Leads Turned Into 1 Closing At Escrow For $220,133

While other marketers are happy generating leads and overflowing their clients with the “numbers” — we’re never satisfied with our fulfillment systems until it consistently leads to money in the bank for our clients.

In just 30 days of this campaign, the automated follow-up systems we built for this client generated 40 long-form, high-quality home buyer leads that led to 1 closing at escrow for $220,133.

Case Study #3

From $300/d To $1,000/d in Ad Spend On More Profitable ROAS Consistently

Even when this brand started performing poorly, we consistently tested new strategies and got the account back to profitable levels (2.0 is profitable for client, 2.2 is VERY profitable) in just 2 weeks.

This means that even when campaigns stop performing to our standard, we have systems to make sure our team is accountable to getting things back on track. 

One of them is our Campaign Changelog tracker, where we have a rolling log of all changes made by the account, and we track how consistent our team monitors the campaigns.

100% means that the team member has monitored and tracked their campaign changes for 7 days straight — meaning the team can’t just hit 100% by monitoring just one day.

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